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Explore our Games We are a manufacturer of personalised board, card and memory games. Board games Card games Memory games


Puzzles in a frame

We produce high quality framed puzzles with attention to safety and aesthetics.


Standard puzzles

We manufacture jigsaw puzzles in a wide range of sizes and a diverse number of elements.

Event gadgets

Explore our Event gadgets Our offer includes a wide range of paper event gadgets, including caps, advertising visors, fans or flags.

Magnetic products

Explore our Magnetic products View our wide range of magnetic products and choose a gadget that meets your needs

POS materials

Explore our POS materials We produce high quality POS (Point Of Sale) materials to support the sales of a specific product/service.


Explore our Trunks We are a manufacturer of high quality solid cardboard suitcases and trunks.

Children’s books

Explore our Children’s books We produce high quality children’s hardback books with individual printing.


Explore our Binders/clipboards We produce customised binders to match the size and width of the spine.

Company folders

Explore our Company folders We offer folders in any size with individual printing.