Board games

Board games

We specialise mainly in the production of board games made to individual customer orders.

Currently, games are becoming a tool used more and more often to promote company activities, train employees and present business strategies.

We guarantee:

We offer full counselling on the selection of appropriate components and materials used during production, we focus above all on the quality of the final product, exceeding the initial expectations of the Customer.

We produce board games with boards made of solid cardboard or laminated corrugated cardboard. In production we use the highest quality materials, we make pawns and tokens of solid cardboard and paperboard.

Games can advertise your brand, product, event or service in an interesting way.

The effect of this form of advertising is long-term, as the games highlight the uniqueness of your products in a striking way.


You have an idea for a board game but don’t know how to go about implementing it – write to us.

Contact us and using our huge experience in games production we will offer you the right solutions. Starting from tokens, pawns, instructions, boards, we complete complete complete large-volume orders, as well as single prototypes preceding the target production.

We meet quality expectations of many Polish Publishers – we will meet yours too!



Here you can download mockups for preparing a game project.

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