Cork coasters

Cork coasters

We manufacture durable and high quality cork coasters.

The coasters vary in both shape and size.

We offer:
Individual print and functionality make these products very popular.
We carry out orders for coasters in the shape of:

On customer’s request we also produce coasters in irregular, individual shapes.

Mug coasters on a cork base with individual graphics are perfect as promotional gadgets for your company.

We use them every day at home, at work or during meetings with friends. Thanks to their widespread use, they are always in view, which makes them a perfect advertising medium.

We offer the highest quality and a wide range of finishing: glossy, matt or soft touch foil.

The most popular are the packs of 4 or 6 mousepads in size-matched packaging, which are elegant gifts for business partners.

Write to us – we will prepare a personalised offer for you.




Here you can download mockups for preparing a game project.

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