Event gadgets

Event gadgets

In our offer you will find paper and cardboard event gadgets.

As a manufacturer we have the possibility of almost unlimited personalisation of products,
in such a way that they are not only a carrier of information, but also an inseparable element of your company’s marketing activity.

The most popular advertising media during events are:

Advertising visors with rubber band made of 250 g cardboard. The visor is fastened with a rubber band, therefore it will fit to every participant of the event.

We also make promotional baseball caps from cardboard. With these you can help your employees or customers to stand out from the crowd at special events and trade fairs.

Windcatchers are made from 250g chalked paper. The print may be one or two-sided. The paper pinwheel is mounted on a sleeve thanks to which it rotates around its own axis. The mechanism guarantees that the pinwheel rotates even in a slight wind.

Pennant flags are also a very popular gadget. This is a cheap and simple product to promote your company. We make them from 130g chalked paper, offering 2-sided printing. The most popular dimensions are A4 or A4.

Thanks to the variety of the above products, you can use them not only as an advertising tool, but also to build your brand image.
Regardless of which marketing tool you choose, we always value high quality – thanks to this you have a guarantee that the promotional product you receive will be an excellent advertisement.



Here you can download mockups for the preparation of the design of magnetic products.

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