Magnetic products

Magnetic products

Our offer includes a wide range of magnetic products such as

We produce magnets in many sizes and shapes (from the punches available in our printing shop). Shape magnets made according to individual requests of our customers are also becoming more and more popular.
Flat magnets may have a glossy, matt or soft touch finish. They are backed with magnetic foil 0.4 or 0.7 mm thick and covered with cardboard up to 350 g.

Magnetic notes are an interesting form of promotion and, at the same time, a practical, functional gadget that can be used in many promotional campaigns.

Magnetic puzzles are an element of fun in an advertising message. They are enjoying increasing popularity and are a substitute for traditional puzzles. The wide range of available cut-outs will satisfy even the most demanding customers. We can make magnetic puzzles in any individual shape. Puzzles are packed in a box of matching size or on a cardboard pad in a sealed bag.

Magnetic bookmarks are practical gadgets for industries related to reading.
We offer bookmarks in standard sizes as well as those made according to individual wishes of our customers.



Here you can download mockups for the preparation of the design of magnetic products.

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