In our range you will find high-quality stencils and samples

Samples make it possible to display materials, colours and textures of products

from the furniture industry, construction, decorating, metal, wood, glass, electronics and many others.

Thanks to their use, products and materials can not only be seen, but also touched, noticing additional qualities of the products.


Patterns with your company logo can be used for a wide range of purposes:

They can be made as a separate product or supplied with high quality packaging made from thick solid cardboard, paperboard or laminated material.

At the customer’s request we are able to produce a sample book or a sampler comprehensively with assembly/insertion of samples.

In addition, all our advertising samplers can be equipped with pockets, handles, magnets or strong clasps.

In our realisations we use finishing from foiling with gloss, matt and soft touch foils to more complex concave and convex embossing, gilding and silver plating using hot stamping as well as selective UV varnishing.

Contact us and receive:

Our undoubted advantage is a comprehensive service from the acceptance of orders to the delivery of finished products with your logo.

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