We make binders and clipboards for documents, mainly in A4 and A5 format. We also prepare other formats upon individual customer request.

Binders are made of 2 mm thick solid cardboard, laminated with a veneer and individually printed. The print can be on the outside or inside of the binder.


Printed binders can be an excellent advertising product.


An advertising binder is the business card of every company. It can serve your company not only to store documents. A binder can be used as packaging for a company’s offer, information materials, product cards, or as a sampler/template to help sales representatives.

Clipboard is a convenient board with a clip that holds documents and makes it easy to take notes.

Solid workmanship and attractive design of clipboards will make them an indispensable form of promotion for your company.

Adjust the product to your needs:


Here you can download mockups for the preparation of the box design.

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