Card games

Card games

Card games are one of the most popular products among our customers.

A wide range of die-cutting tools and a variety of media allow us to adapt our offer to your needs.

We produce cards of various sizes and on various materials. The most popular substrate is 350g chalk with dispersion varnish. For more demanding customers, we offer premium cardboard, coated on both sides.

If you need an unusual solution for making a card game – write to us!

We produce:

A card game is not always just a deck – expand your game with additional cardboard tokens, a board or plastic or wooden pawns.

Card games are first of all an interesting advertising gadget, thanks to which you can easily promote your brand or product among children and adults.

In our offer you will find popular card games such as:

For each card game we choose a size-adapted packaging.

These can be cardboard, laminated cardboard or solid cardboard boxes, printed according to your design of course.



Here you can download mockups for preparing a game project.

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