Puzzles in a frame

Puzzles in a frame

The frame in which the puzzle is embedded makes it easier for younger children to arrange the picture and allows you to safely carry the puzzle, so you can freely decorate the room with it.

Maintaining concern for safety and aesthetics in the implementation of this type of highest quality materials are used.

Puzzles in a frame are perfect as a product for the youngest customers.

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The coherent graphics of the frame and the puzzle create a large print and advertising area. Additionally, the frame makes it easier for younger children to put the picture together and allows the puzzle to be safely carried.

Frame puzzles are great for travelling or on holidays.

They teach creative thinking, exercise dexterity and sight of the child.

When placing an order for printed promotional puzzles, we will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.



Here you can download mockups to prepare a puzzle design.

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