Standard puzzles

Standard puzzles

We are a manufacturer of high quality puzzles in a wide range of sizes and a diverse number of elements.

Puzzles are a form of advertising that will attract the attention of your customers in a very effective way.

Based on our years of experience, we can make your idea for an individual shape or form of your product come to life.

We make puzzles consisting of up to 500 elements!

Our strengths:

Our capabilities will allow you to create any promotional message and reach with it a wide range of clients. This promotional gadget is perfect as a gift for clients or contractors, and also as a form of training for your employees, promotion of a given city/region and a tourist souvenir.

Our standard offer includes puzzles made of solid cardboard laminated on one or both sides and refined with glossy, matt or soft touch foil.

Choose the form of packaging of the puzzle:

In production we use materials of the highest quality.

At the request of our customers, we make puzzles from materials which are CE certified and safe even for the youngest children.

We meet the quality expectations of many Polish Publishers by producing extremely durable and resistant to damage puzzles. The materials used in the production process are safe, thanks to which they can be given as a toy to a developing child.

Write to us – we will be happy to prepare a personalized offer for you.



Here you can download mockups to prepare a puzzle design.

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