Children’s books

Children's books

We produce children’s books made of cardboard pages bound with a veneer, which makes the whole product foldable.

Our production capabilities allow us to use solid cardboard in the core and then veneer it with printed chalkboard paper.

Another option is to make a page book entirely from boardbook cardboard.

Key benefits and opportunities:

The classic rectangular or square cardboard book with rounded or straight corners is the ideal item for the youngest recipients.

This is the most classic version of a laminated cardboard book – ideal for fairy tales, stories or contrast books for the youngest.

When producing children’s books, we think mainly about their safety. The materials used in the production of children’s books must be harmless to the health of the youngest and at the same time environmentally friendly.

Based on many years of experience we know how to produce your order maintaining high quality of print and make the colourful print attractive and memorable.



Here you can download mockups for the preparation of the box design.

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